с 01.01.2019 г. услуги предоставляются ТОВ «Українська готельна група»


санаторий весна ценыСанатории Кристалл, Алмаз, Рубин, Янтарь валюта


Ukrainian Citizens can exercise payment in two ways: cash (via any bank branch) or credit card in Internet,

Cash: after receiving a bill it should be paid in any bank branch in 5 (five) banking days or not later than 14 days before date of check-in. After payment, please, contact our manager and inform about date of payment. Our manager will check payment and confirm booking.

Credit card: after filling on-line booking form on the web site truskavetskurort.ua, you will receive (e-mail) message with all details for credit card payment.

Citizens of Russia will pay only by credit card. According to Ukrainian legislation, accounts for individuals are valid for payment only in the territory of Ukraine.