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Resort meal

Resort meal in Truskavets is one of the main factors for effective treatment. Dieticians of «Truskavetskurort» propose 10 diets for treatment of different diseases. Correct diet menu can help to restore metabolic processes and improve the function of individual organs.


  Types of dietic menus in sanatoriums and villas:

  • stomach ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis (diet number 1),
  • chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency, acute gastritis, enteritis, colitis in the recovery period (diet number 2),
  • chronic bowel syndrome with predominance of dyskinesias (diet number 3),
  • chronic enterocolitis in remission (diet number 4),
  • chronic cholecystitis, hepatitis, pyelonephritis, cholelithiasis in remission, oksalaturiya (diet number 5),
  • chronic pancreatitis (diet number 6),
  • gout, urolithiasis with stone formation (diet number 7),
  • obesity (diet number 8),
  • diabetic (diet №9),
  • diseases, not requiring special diets, without affecting the digestive system, as well as the transition from medical diet to a normal mealing (diet number 10).

Types of food serving in sanatoriums «Truskavetskurort»

  • «Standart» - ensures physiological norm of nourishing ration according to diets and consists of plates from chosen ration.
  • «Open buffet» - proposes simultaneous choice of meat, fish, bird, vegetable dishes.