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Therapeutic possibilities of Truskavets Spa Resort

Our guests are offered a program of diagnostic and treatment procedures at the balneoozokerite clinic, healthcare complex and "Med Palace" SPA centre.

You may experience a variety of diagnostic methods, which are applied using modern equipment: X-ray examination and X-ray radiography, endoscopic diagnostics, laboratory examinations, hormonal, cytologic and other examinations.

Foremost among our facilities is a unique radioscopic laboratory for functional kidney examination. Method of radioisotopic reography gives an opportunity to perform differential diagnosis of urological diseases, defines percentage of every renal function individually and therefore advises patient and doctor in favour of operative treatment or lithotripsy (non-invasive destruction of kidney stones).

Spa therapy: mineral and gas-bubble baths, carbon dioxide and whirlpool baths, Charcot's douche, underwater shower massage, hydromassage, hydropathy and colonic hydrotherapy.

Physiotherapeutic procedures: respiratory therapy, galvanic stimulation and electrophoresis, vacuum massage, laser therapy, aromatherapy and speleochamber, magnetic therapy, cryotherapy and lymphatic drainage.

Heat therapy: ozokerite therapy, paraffin therapy and mud baths.

Therapeutic programs

Attending physician will select a special treatment program to every guest considering his or her diagnosis and medical indications. We would like you to get familiar with some of the most popular resort programs.

Recommended period of recreation is 14 - 18 days.

Some procedures are not included into tour program and are offered at extra cost.


Treatment of chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis is a high-incidence disease affecting 80% of population, according to the statistics.

Truskavets mineral springs will help you to treat any form of gastritis (with increased, preserved and decreased secretion). Specialized doctors will select a proper combination of mineral waters suitable for your condition

Combination of mineral waters and balneo- and hydro-kinesiotherapy, physiotherapeutic treatment, thermal procedures and other activities will allow you to correct your gastric secretion, promote blood circulation in the stomach, increase regeneration of gastric mucosa.

Therapeutic complex will include: examination by general practitioner, 5 mineral, pearl or perozone baths, 5 ozokerite applications to gastric cavity, 5 physiotherapeutic procedures, 8 massage sessions, 10 phytococktails or 10 singlet oxygen therapy sessions, 10 therapeutic exercise sessions (procedures are selected by an attending physician and primarily depend on gastric secretory activity.


Treatment of urolithiasis

Kidney stones are heavy burden. People say: Enough stones to build a house! You got rid of renal stones. What's next? The illness does not leave you. You may ask: "Why is so?" This happens because factors that caused kidney stones to appear were not treated, notably: liver disease, pancreas disease and gastroenterological disorders, metabolic imbalance and local factors (infection, urination disorders, blood circulation disorder and lymph flow disorder).

You want to be healthy, full of energy, vivacious and experience no back pain and no problems with urination?

Welcome to Truskavets! Mineral water "Naftusya" is the basis of therapeutic procedures, water promotes daily micturition, reduces or eliminates inflammatory processes and normalises liver function, pancreas function and gastrointestinal function, helps excreting salts and small stones from urinary system.

 You'll be recharged with positive energy for the whole year.

Treatment includes: examination by qualified urologist, laboratory, ultrasonic (radioisotopic, if necessary) research, 6 ozokerite applications, 8 physiotherapeutic procedures, 6 mineral baths, therapeutic diet and therapeutic exercises.



If you already have gallstones but no presence of colitis and if you do not feel like prepared for operative intervention, you should come to Truskavets.

Combination of therapeutic resort regimen, diet therapy and "Naftusya" mineral water intake with other spa factors will help you to eliminate concomitant biliary dyskinesia, to reduce inflammatory processes in gallbladder, to improve digestion and to increase general well-being.

Therapeutic complex will include: examination by general practitioner, therapeutic course of mineral water intake, 5 mineral baths, 5 ozokerite applications, 3 automated colonic washing sessions, 10 singlet oxygen therapy sessions, 5 physiotherapeutic procedure sessions and 10 psychotherapy sessions.


Treatment of diabetes mellitus

If you diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and you suffer from pain in extremities, you feel huskiness and thirst, weakness and faintness, non-productivity, heaviness in the right hypochondrium, ask our endocrinologists in "Yantar" resort facility, they will come for help.

"Naftusya" mineral water intake along with oxygen therapy and carbon dioxide baths combined with balanced diet increases pancreas function where insulin is produced and intensifies carbon metabolism that leads to stabilization of blood and urine sugar levels. Ozokerite applications, various methods of electropathy, whirlpool baths, manual or underwater shower massage will increase blood circulation of lower extremities in patients with diabetic angiopathies. Painful sensations, numbness and faintness and coldness in legs will resolve.

Treatment includes: examination by endocrinologist, dietary nutrition, internal administration of mineral waters, 6 carbon dioxide baths, and 6 ozokerite applications to the lower extremities, 10 manual or 6 underwater shower massages, 10 physiotherapeutic procedures and phytococktails.


Chronic cholecystitis

Painful sensations, feeling of heaviness and oppression in the right hypochondrium, unpleasant morning bitterness in the mouth. You can get rid of these unwanted effects by taking a "Naftusya" mineral water treatment course.

Every third man in his 40s in Ukraine suffers from chronic cholecystitis. Treatment in Truskavets resort will help you to overcome this disease and prevent related complications such as chronic pancreatitis, chronic hepatitis and gallstones formation. Only compound homeopathic preparation, such as "Naftusya" mineral water, created by nature itself, will restore imbalance of gallbladder function and liver function, normalize basic chemical and physical bile acid values. Ozokerite therapy and mineral baths will improve blood and lymphatic circulation in the liver and in the gallbladder and will reduce inflammation. Physiotherapeutic procedures, therapeutic exercises will help you to forget your problems with gallbladder for quite a long time.

Therapeutic complex will include: examination by general practitioner, 5 mineral bath sessions, 5 ozokerite applications to the right hypochondrium, duodenal sounding, 5 physiotherapeutic procedures, and 10 therapeutic exercise sessions.


Treatment of pancreatitis

If you feel heaviness, pain and swelling in the stomach, repeated nausea after eating fatty, fried or spicy food or consuming alcohol, all these events indicate the signs of pancreatitis.

Our doctors will perform the full assessment, establish an exact diagnosis and prescribe you the individual course of spa therapy, taking into account treatment phase, pancreatitis compensatory stage and concomitant pathology of gastrointestinal tract. Laboratory, x-ray and ultrasonic methods of assessment will help our specialists to obtain valid results.

If you have problems with pancreas and standard therapy does not help, and your doctor advises you spa treatment, come to Truskavets. We are sure that resort therapy combined together with full recreation activities will spare your pancreas for a long time.

Treatment includes: examination by general practitioner, mineral water course, 10 mineral baths, 10 magnetic therapy sessions, 5 ultrasonic procedures, 10 phytococktails, and 10 group therapeutic exercises.


Treatment of chronic prostatitis

According to the clinical research data, chronic prostatitis is very common disease affecting men of active age. If you are diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, you should come to Truskavets.

Owing to special instrumental and laboratory methods of assessment, our specialists are able to establish an exact diagnosis, thus ensuring the successful treatment We have prepared a special therapeutic program aimed at genitourinary disorders to bring back your joy of life. New methods offered by spa therapy will help you to reduce inflammatory changes in the prostate gland and to harmonize its physiology.

Our resort therapy course consists of both internal administration and external application of mineral waters, thermal therapy, and the whole range of physiotherapeutic procedures, therapeutic exercises and massage, specialized methods of treatment.

 Treatment includes: examination by urologist, 5 mineral baths, 5 ozokerite "pants" applications, 5 rectal mud tampons, 8 small enemas, 8 prostate massage sessions, 5 physiotherapeutic procedures and 10 phytococktails.


Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis

If you suffer from chronic pyelonephritis, you should come to urologic Mecca, which is, of course, Truskavets. Time has proven that we offer the most efficient treatment of chronic pyelonephritis at our spa resort.

Owing to modern diagnostic and treatment base our highly skilled urologists will perform complete assessment, obtain exact diagnosis and devise the therapeutic resort program suitable for your special needs. The wide use of unique "Naftusya" mineral water combined with mineral baths, ozokerite therapy and various therapeutic exercises helps to promote kidney microcirculation, to reduce inflammatory process and to facilitate urination. You will get rid of back pain and swelling and improve your well-being and productivity.

Treatment includes: examination by urologist, 5 ozokerite therapy sessions, 5 mineral water sessions, 5 physiotherapy sessions, 10 phytococktails, 10 therapeutic exercise sessions and mineral waters intake.


Treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer

Natural healing springs and qualified specialists will help you to overcome gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Mineral water intake combined with recreation treatment in patients with gastric ulcer and concomitant liver disease, pancreas disorder and stomach disease will lead to steady remission and will improve well-being. Special treatment includes intense oxygen therapy, an efficient mixture of phytococktails with singlet oxygen therapy. With oxygen delivered to the body, the latter receives a substantial amount of energy optimizing intestinal and hepatic cells. Aromatherapy will relieve pressure and normalize sleep function. Our best psychotherapists will select an appropriate group psychotherapy, autogenic training, and hypnotic suggestion to maximize the efficient delivery of treatment.

Ozokerite therapy will improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation. Our spa therapy course provides internal and external mineral water administration, heat treatment, therapeutic exercise and psychotherapeutic session.

Therapeutic complex will include: examination by general practitioner, 5 mineral or whirlpool baths, 5 ozokerite applications to gastric cavity, 8 small enemas, 5 physiotherapeutic procedures, 8 collar zone massages, 10 phytococktails, 10 singlet oxygen therapy sessions, 8 psychotherapy sessions, 10 therapeutic exercise session and 8 aromaphytotherapy sessions.