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Truskavets resort

Truskavets resort
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Truskavets (Lvivskiy region) – one of the biggest balneological resorts in Ukraine, situated in 100 km from Lviv. On the resort area are concentrated huge reserves of different types mineral water – 14 natural bathes, and as well minerals of «mountain wax» -ozokerit.

Unique facilities of mineral waters determine main resort treatment directions:
I. Urology
II. Gastroenterology
III. Metabolic diseases

The most popular mineral water of Truskavets is «Naftusa» of truskavets field. Its structure includes substances of oil origin, which determines its unique treatment facilities. After contact with air organic substances of «Naftusia» are destroying, that’s why its strongly recommended to drink it directly near bath.

«Mountain wax» - ozokerit is also actively used on resort in treatment properties. It is mined in few kilometers from Truskavets. Ozokeritotherapy is used on resort form 1947. Wax is used in heat treatment as an anti-inflammatory agent, as well as for effective treatment of degenerative diseases.

Besides the Chief Medical Profile - Urology, concomitant diseases are also treated on resort - digestive system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, diabetes, etc.

Treatment facilities of Truskavets mineral waters attract each year more the 350 th of tourist from different countries of the world.


Resort history


Truskavets – ancient balneological resort with 180 year history. In different times town was under influence of numerous historical, cultural and archeological events.

Resort historical facts:
1820th – in the small village Truskavets were found out first healing springs of mineral water
1827 – the official date of foundation of Truskavets balneological resort. It obtains the status of Austrian empire resort
1833 – unique properties of Naftusya are discovered. This water is used for internal use.
1836 – administrator of state estate in Truskavets Juzef Mizevskiy gets official government permission from Vein to built small building with 8 bath cabins hydropathic and rooms for holiday-makers.
1846 – in Truskavets are working one hydropathic, hotel on 30 rooms and 14 private villas.
1860 г. — for rest in Truskavets are open 12 buildings on 120 rooms and 14 private villas. At the end of ХІX century Truskavets becomes European level resort.

1911 – Truskavets was owned by Stock union «Truskavets springs» under management of Drogobich district marshal Raimond Jarosh. Resort is actively developing.
1912 . — is open new railway Drogobich – Truskavets, 12 km length, which played huge role in territorial development of the region. Later taiways connect Truskavets with Lviv, Krakov, Poznan, Lublin, Warsaw.
1913 . — for great success in development of treatment base Truskavets was rewarded with «Big gold medal». In that time hotels, villas, sanatoriums, new hydropathic are actively built.
1930th- historical centre of Truskavets is formed, еnvirons are actively developing.
1947 . — First in resort practice was started use of a new method of thermotherapy - ozokeritotherapy. New methods of physiotherapy treatment are used as well.
1958 . — were opened branch of Bohomoletz Ukrainian sciense-researching Institutute of balneology of researching and spreading of new methods of balneological treatment.
1990th — in Truskavets are working nearly 40 therapeutic facilities, among them sanatoriums «Vesna», «Almaz», «Kristal», «Yantar», «Rubin», «Berezka. ».

At the beginning of ХХІ century nearly 350 th guest from different countries of the world visit Truskavets every year.

In text is used information from book S. Harchuk «Forming of Truskavets architecture in XIX – first part of XIX centuries .» National Uni Lvivs Politechniqa. – Lviv, 2008, 202p.