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“Almaz” resort facility

Total rooms: 484, Address: Truskavets, vul. Sukhovolia, 72
Видеоролик Санатории трускавца
Санаторий «Алмаз»


"Almaz" resort facility keeps preserving longtime traditions of hospitality established in spa centres in Truskavets. Fresh air, beautiful view at Carpathian foothill and proximity to Old Park will contribute to your well-being and mood.

Mineral water well is 100 meters away from the resort centre.

"Almaz" resort facility is specialized in musculoskeletal disorders, genitourinary disorders, gastroenterological and metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, excessive weight). There is a covered passage to healthcare complex and balneological clinic. Here we offer hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and ozokerite therapy procedures. The hydropathic facility offers highly demanded ozokerite applications to treat disorders of musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system, inflammatory processes and other conditions.


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